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NB Entrepreneurs have in-house R & D and Quality Control Department (QCD) with Chemical, Physical and Microbiological analysis laboratories. QCD is equipped with all infrastructure facilities to test Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium starch glycolate, Croscarmellose sodium, Cellulose powder, Maize Starch and Spirulina. All testing are carried out by Well-qualified and experienced staff.

Standard Analysis Procedure, Quality Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Hygiene and Cleaning Procedures, Standard Calibration Procedures, Training Programs are well documented and available with Quality Control Department. Issue and receipt of raw material, in-process and finished material are strictly controlled and FIFO is respected.

labNBE ensures that inspection and testing of incoming, in-process materials and final products are carried out as per laid down relevant Quality Plans, Standard Operating Procedures & Standard Analytical Procedures

Raw materials are inspected & tested for each consignment against relevant quality plan and released for production only after their acceptance by QCD.

In-process inspection activities are carried out as per in-process Quality Plan.

Finished product is inspected as per relevant Finished Product Quality Plan. Finished product is finally released after it meets specified quality as described in Quality Plans.
Stability study of shelf life samples is carried out as per Quality Plan and sample from each batch is retained for the period of five years.

Calibrated instruments are used for measurement and inspection activities.

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