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SANCEL is purified partially depolymerized ALPHA CELLULOSE. It is White to off white, Odorless, Tasteless, Free from organic and inorganic contaminations. It is insoluble in Water, Dilute Acids, and in mostly all organic solvents. Practically insoluble in Sodium Hydroxide solution. SANCEL, which has now become a synonymous name in pharmaceuticals industries, is a must for quality as well as quantity products.

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SANCEL - 101
      SANCEL-102       SANCEL-112      



Electron Micrograph
Sancel102 MCC (2000x)

Sancel102 MCC

Shelf life/storage condition Sancel Microcrystalline Cellulose is considered to be stable product and is packaged in a sealed manner. The product has no specific requirement for storage, and there is no expiration date. However, it  may absorb moisture if exposed to the atmosphere with a relative humidity higher than 65%.

Packaging Sancel is packed in net 25 Kg in HDPE woven sack bag with inside two HM liners. Packaging can also done in fiber drum if required.